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Social responsibility

We are fully committed to our social responsibilities and comply with provisions and policies delineated by XXX, the Indian agency that represents manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. We take pride in our products and our marketing approaches that are rooted in a strong sense of social responsibility and responsible marketing.

Access to our site

You may only access our site in countries and regions thereof where sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is legally permitted and access is on a temporary basis for specific purposes. We reserve the right to offer or withhold or suspend services at our discretion and we take no responsibility if site is not accessible for any reason at any time or at any place.

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Intellectual Property Rights

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Acceptable use

You may use our site only for permitted usage. You may not make use of site or contents:

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Interactive services

We provide interactive services like chats, forums, bulletin boards and other features subject to the clear understanding that the use is subject to moderation and subject to assessment of risks due to your use or behavior on such interactive services. We reserve our right to moderate anything and everything at our sole discretion. However, we are not bound to moderate each and every contents posted by user and in the event such content does cause any harm to any other user we are not liable in any way whatsoever. You may contact our moderator in case you notice such activity by others.

Uploading content to our site

Whatever content you upload to our site and interactive services are considered non-confidential and non-proprietary and you grant us unconditional right to make use of such content as we may deem fit for any purpose whatsoever. We may disclose your identity to third parties that claim you plagiarized their content and violated IP rights and their privacy and you waive your moral right to any content uploaded to our site.
We are not responsible for any content posted on our site by any user. We reserve the right to delete such contents at our sole discretion without protest or demur from users.

Content standards

  • Content submitted to our site must comply with standards that apply wholly or in part to such content, such as:
    • Accuracy of content is necessary
    • Opinions you express are your own unless you quote
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    • It is defamatory in nature
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    • It is sexually explicit and pornographic in nature
    • It attempts to harm minors in any way
    • It promotes, condones or encourages under-age consumption of alcohol or drunk driving
    • It targets under age audience and exhorts them to drink and glamorizes alcohol consumption
    • It promotes violence
    • It promotes discrimination on any ground
    • It infringes database and copyright, IP rights, trademarks and such other rights of any person or organization
    • It attempts to deceive and mislead
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Reliance on Information

Our site may contain contents that may be interpreted as advice or guidance. Please do not place implicit reliance on such contents. These are made available only for information purpose.

Site changes

We update our site on a regular basis but are not responsible for errors of omission or commission of any kind whatsoever.

Our liability

Site is offered as is with no implicit guarantee about veracity of contents or warranties as to accuracy. We and our affiliates and group companies expressly disclaim any liability under any ground whatsoever, specifically that one may infer under stature, common law or law of equity as regards warranties express or implied. We also disclaim any liability for direct or indirect damage of any kind whatsoever as a result of use of this site or links therein. We do not accept liability of any kind whether it is due to negligence or acts of commission or contravention of any assumed contract and, in the event, laws do apply then our liability is strictly limited to specific nature of such loss as may be legally proved under law.

Your visits and information

Your visits and visit tracking and behavior are more fully covered in our privacy policy described elsewhere on this site.

Malicious code, hacking

Users may not attempt to hack, reverse engineer site or inject malicious code or otherwise tamper with looks, layout or functionality of the site or the server on which it is stored or attempt to access or hack databases or launch denial of service attack or any other kind of attack.

Such attempts will be reported to appropriate authorities for legal action and we may cooperate with such authorities to disclose your identity and address. Your account will be suspended forthwith.

Should such an attack occur then we are not responsible for outcomes to any user in any way whatsoever. Users need to take their own safeguards to protect hardware and software.

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Entire Agreement

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