We make commitments to safeguard your privacy and if you are using our site even after reading the privacy policy, it will be assumed that you have accepted the policy terms and agreed to be bound by it.

Your privacy is important to us. If you don’t wish to be contacted for any sort of promotional purpose, we’ll honor your choice and won’t contact. We never put your personal info on sale. We may share your data with our reliable, strategic partners for the purpose of boosting user experience online and for meeting your preferences effectively. It is your right to get info on what information of yours we hold on to and how actually we put it to use. If you aren’t ready to share info with us, you can always opt out anytime you want.

What info do we collect from you?

You give us some info about yourself when you undertake the following activities with us:

  • Register with us
  • Subscribe to any of our update services
  • Get in touch with us via email/phone
  • Take part in any sort of promotion/completion/action
  • Search for any specific product
  • Place order
  • Take part in on-site social media activities

While undertaking the above activities you may have to provide us info like Name, Date of Birth, Email, Phone number, Purchase History, Items in your cart, Transaction details, Bank details, Payment info, Billing as well as Shipping addresses.

We may also use cookies to collect certain info about us such as usage location, number of user visits, IP address, date and time of user visit, duration of user using our website etc. We collect the info to monitor the functioning of our website and improve your experiences on our site.

What use do we put your personal info to?

  • For offering you the best quality digital services
  • For promotion of our products and services
  • For effective management of our relationship with our users
  • For effective management of our app and website
  • For understanding the trends of market within which we operate
  • For gathering info on users’ browsing
  • For offering you info about our goods and services
  • For monitoring the security of our management

We disclaim of liability pertaining to your use of third party links

Our website may bear links of the websites of our affiliates, creative partners and partner networks. If you follow those links and share your personal info with them, we are not to be held responsible for how they process your personal data.

Security of your personal data

We make use of a vast array of organizational as well as technical measures in order to safeguard your personal data as far as possible.

We monitor our employees closely so that we can be sure of their adherence to strict security norms during the processing of your personal data. We also make sure that our operating systems are well protected against unscrupulous and unwanted access via robust data encryption technology.

Sharing of your personal data

We make sure that any of the service providers we are involved with is bound to hold compliance with obligations pertaining you personal data protection and processing of personal data based on the set of documented instructions from our end and do not misuse your info for their personal purposes.

We may be compelled to divulge your personal info if the country’s or local law and order demands the same for the sake of investigating, or prevention or for taking action against suspected frauds, unlawful activities, violation of any intellectual property rights, breach of terms and conditions or any other equivalent agreement, in case of circumstances that consist in threat to the life and property of any individual.

While sending cookies to you or while using your personal info for marketing purposes, we always seek your prior approval. Also, we never share your data with any of the third parties without your explicit consent.

Your rights

If you are not happy with our privacy policies, you are free to use your discretion and share no personal info with us.

You have every right to get information from our end on how we use data collected from you, to seek for copies of all of your personal info that we have with us and ask for amendment, correction or removal of your personal info from our database. You have the right to object to or limit our system of processing of your personal data.

If you have consented to the use of your personal data by us, at any moment you can also withdraw the consent.

For exercising your rights please feel free to contact us at anytime you want.

You can unsubscribe any moment

If you do not wish to receive any marketing info from us, you can unsubscribe us with ease via the ‘unsubscribe’ link that you’ll get in any of the e-mails we send you. If you don’t, you may send us a request email for unsubscribing you. You need to note that even after unsubscribing, we may still keep sending you info pertaining to any type of account or business-related relation that may still exist between you and us.

Changes to our privacy policies

We keep updating our privacy policies from time to time with or without notice. You need to check frequently in order to keep yourself informed and updated about the latest versions.