The Khoday Group, also known as the House of Khodays, is an Indian multi-service business group founded in 1906.

Khoday Hercules XXX rum is one of the most relished drinks produced by this prestigious group. Although it has been a few decades since this rum was first manufactured, rum enthusiasts still hold it close to their heart and drink it even today.

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The Khoday Hercules XXX rum won multiple gold medals awarded by Monde Selection in the year 1978, 1983 and 1989, for its rich taste, subtlety and finesse.

A rich history and a cultural legacy backs the Hercules Deluxe XXX Rum formula making it a pleasant drink with a revitalizing impact. Rum connoisseurs across the country love the electric mix of it’s rich taste and the aroma it emanates.

Hercules deluxe has been a favourite rum among defence forces for many years and continues to do so.
The defence forces have voted it as one of the best rums for several years.