Hercules Rum Cookie policy

This Cookie policy is aimed at explaining to you how actually we apply the technology called ‘cookies’ and how exactly you can deal with the cookies stored in your device’s hard disc

What are Cookies?

Cookies are mini text files that get stored into your devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets etc when you access an app or website through that device. Cookies may be of two types: Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Session cookies get erased once you have logged out of your browser. But Persistent Cookies will stay stored in your device until they have expired or until you have purposely deleted them from cache.

What purpose do cookies serve?

Cookies help us remember certain things about ‘you’ as our visitor. Assuming that you’ll be returning to our site, we send cookies to your device to record the pages visited, the time you have spent on our site, date of visits and time of visits.

How do we make use of the cookies we send?

We generally use the cookies for the following reasons:

  • Improving online experience for our visitors
  • Tracking our app and website performance
  • Managing our marketing associations
  • Offering the goods and services as requested
  • Making our apps and site relevant to our users

Any personal info that a user offers us via the cookies is never stored by us.

Most of the cookies that we use have a 90 day-validity after which they inevitably expire but if it’s an analytics cookies, it may stay for a time period that’s somewhere between 2yrs and 10yrs.

If a user deletes our cookies, we’ll not be recording any of the info pertaining to that user as after deleting; all data that cookies provided us will get wiped out from our side too.

Your consent is a pre-requisite

Before embedding cookies in a user’s device, we always seek for the user’s prior consent. User, who has consented in this context, can withdraw his/her consent anytime he/she wants.

How can you block our cookies?

A user may block our cookies anytime he/she wants and the blocking of cookies may be done by activating the browser settings in the user’s device.

What happens when you block our cookies?

Not giving consent or blocking cookies later may curb the user’s freedom on our site and he/she may not be able to access each and every part of our site or every aspect pertaining to our site.